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Jro. 19. PMTSL.

If I looked better, would you hear me?
Face the music.

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Everyone should go follow my other blog @ jennaaf.tumblr.com it has a little different style but it’s me so of course it’s still legit :3

It’s like i scroll down going
You’re hot “like”
You’re hot “like”
You’re hot “like”
You’re hot “like”

I always feel like a creep the morning after. Sorry, not too sorry.

and then i randomly see a picture of him pop up on facebook and remember how fucking sexy he is. i should probably start thinking about him more. :o

me and my mom have planned out the tattoos we’re getting together in october. cannot wait :)

on my way to Bleed Blue to pick up some new plugs.

while im there i might as well get a piercing, right? i need help thinking of what though! soo, suggestions?